"the unfolding of the bare human soul is what interests me" ~Bruce Lee

Kat Lui is threshold healer specializing in third eye meditation, regression therapy and doula birthwork. Using the Inner Space Techniques (IST), she helps you heal old wounds, rediscover wonder, and find truth.

To know something - find its source.  ~ Samuel Sagan

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Classical Chinese Medical Dietetics Therapy

Eating is a Sacred Act:  Here's how you can Heal through Daily Rhythm 

  1. Peace around at the table; the sacred meal; candles, gratefulness  
  2. Eating at home; home cooking; eating with friends and family 
  3. Eating at the same time of day every day  
  4. Bio-rhythms of Yang and Yin: 
  • Protein in the morning 
  • Greens for lunch 
  • Fruit in the afternoon 
  • Soup for dinner 
  • Protein only before 3pm  


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The I-Ching on Principles and Values

"What would you like me to know for creating this vision of my healing business? Things to consider about my mission, by principles and values?"

The wind blows over the lack and stirs the surface of the waters - thus visible effects of the invisible manifest themselves. Firm lines above and below with an open center = a heart free of prejudices and therefore open to truth.

Hexagram 61 Inner Truth

I first learned to consult the I-Ching 7 years ago, through the Clairvision School of Meditation, and at times I am still in awe of how much wisdom it passed - if I ask from a space of receptivity and with as much clarity of open questioning as I can muster. Sometimes the lines speak to me profoundly, other times, I'm a bit befuddled, but not discouraged. I write down what I get from each session, even the bits that are confusing, and come back to it later to see if there is more clarity. Below are the notes that guide my practice. To the question stated above, The I-Ching put forth Hexagram 61 (Inner Truth) changing to Hexagram 53 (Development/Gradual Progress). Interpretation are paraphrased (unless quoted) from the Wilhelm/Baynes edition of the I Ching or Book of Changes.

The Judgement

Inner Truth, Pigs and Fishes
Good Fortune
It furthers one to cross the great water
Perseverance furthers.

Pigs & Fishes refer to the least intelligent and most difficult to influence. I take this to mean all humans during those moments when we are at our most obstinate and ill-advised states.

The force of inner truth must grow great before its influences can extend to such creatures. The whole secret of success depends on finding the right way to approach. One must first rid oneself of all prejudice, let the psyche of the other person act on me without restraint. Then I will establish contact with this person, understand and gain power over him/her (and their subtle bodies). Here, I take power to mean the ability to heal (vs. the ability to slay, control, [insert negative connotation of power here] etc.). If in this way one finds no obstacles insurmountable, I can undertake even the most dangerous things, such as crossing the great water, and succeed.

Understand upon what does the force of inner truth depend!

The superior [healer] , when obliged to judge the "mistakes of men" i.e. disease in the patient/client, tries to penetrate their minds with understanding, in order to gain a sympathetic appreciation of the circumstances. A deep understanding of how to pardon was considered the highest form of justice.

9th @ the beginning: Being prepared brings good fortune. If there are secret designs, it is disquieting. The force of inner truth rests on Inner Stability and Preparedness.

Here's where I am befuddled. If anyone reading this should like to elucidate an interpretation, please send me a message! Secret ties? I'm no good at lying or making secret pacts.

If I should try to cultivate secret relationships of a special sort, it would depriv eme of my inner ependence. The more reliance I place on the support of others, the more uneasy and anxious I'll become as to whether these secret ties are really tenable.

9th at the second:

A crane calling in the shade
Its young answers it
I have a good goblet
I will share it with you

There is an involuntary influence of my inner being upon persons of kindred spirit. The crane need not show itself on a high hill. It may be quite hidden when it sounds its call, yet its young will hear, recognize and answer. Where there is a joyous mood, a comrade will appear to share a glass of wine.


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