"the unfolding of the bare human soul is what interests me" ~Bruce Lee

Kat Lui is threshold healer specializing in third eye meditation, regression therapy and doula birthwork. Using the Inner Space Techniques (IST), she helps you heal old wounds, rediscover wonder, and find truth.

To know something - find its source.  ~ Samuel Sagan


"My work with Kat changed my life...

I was able to return to work as an attorney after a two year sabbatical. I came to Kat because...I was vibrating with what I thought was stress and I couldn’t breathe; constant panic attacks. That’s what took me out of law.

Kat gave me the ability to breathe, not a small deal, mind you, and then we started getting to the interesting stuff...working with Kat opened a tightly closed heart. She was integral to my original transformation."    ~ S.B. Attorney  

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